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How to write Family Court Statements

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What people are saying about “How to represent yourself in family court”

Long awaited !
At long last an easy to understand in clear English the complexities of family law an issue dealing with sensitive subjects such as children in divorce and open to exploitation by solicitors with big bills. Nice book to have on hand if you have a large family for the future. Clearly written for lay man and easy to understand. Watch out solicitors your bills may drop !

Confidence Building
The thought of going to court can be both a scary and daunting prospect, not only does this book cover the likely steps and practical issues you will face it also considers your emotional state of mind (something that is not generally considered by the Legal Fee Earning professionals) and without a doubt leaves you feeling more confident about the process. It also places emphasis on the impact of separation on the child/ren. I could go on but I do not wish to spoil your reading. A great point of reference, aide memoire and guide. Grateful to the author for imparting his professional knowledge,

Excellent Knowledge From An Expert
Michael Watson is an expert in family court proceedings and his book How To Represent Yourself in Family Court – A step-by-step guide: 1 (How2Become) is exactly what people need to have if they intend to or if they have to represent themselves in court. His useful knowledge is so clear and makes so much sense you feel like you have someone beside you in court helping you. Michael points out the pitfalls, challenges and things you just have to make sure you get right if you are to succeed and get the best for your child or children. He also does not pull any punches when it comes to some of the nastier aspects of parents arguing over children, money and relationships. Just what family law needs right now in the UK.

A book for modern times
With family break up on the increase and legal aid being cut, this book provides a need at the right time.Using the advice given by Michael Watson my Daughter has so far successfully represented herself in court.